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The StickUp is so light (1.4 ounces, 38 grams) and small that you can store it comfortably in the breast pocket of a shirt. You may not fully appreciate the StickUp until you have tried lugging around one of its much heavier competitors.

The StickUp is a travel stand. If you are looking for a desk stand, you may prefer the Seskimo icePad.


The StickUp is adjustable to angles between 30° and 80°. Adjustment is made by changing the length of the ribbon. The StickUp works in both portrait and landscape formats.


Since the StickUp has four widely spaced corners it is very stable for interaction. In landscape mode at angles below 50° it is so stable that you can bounce a tennis ball off your iPad without knocking it over. Raising the centre of gravity of the iPad progressively reduces stability, but even at 80°in portrait format, you can interact comfortably.

The rubber tubes on the ribbon hold the iPad in place on the stand and the stand in place on the table.

If you need to interact very aggressively at higher angles, you may prefer the larger Seskimo icePad.

. . . but a little bit complicated

A price has to be paid for the StickUp's ultra-portability and that is that it takes some practice to set it up, adjust it and fold it away quickly. Once you have mastered it, however, it should take no more 5 to 10 seconds.

Unfortunately, you will have to read the instructions and look at the video below.  If you are not the sort of person that reads instructions, you may prefer the simpler but larger Seskimo icePad  


Size: 118 x 89 x 9mm, 4.67 x 3.50 x 0.35in (thickness when squashed - when unaquashed the thickness is about double)
Weight: 38g, 1.4oz


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